dinsdag 18 mei 2010

How it looks so far.

As my glass room is very small and has for the most part an inclined ceiling, it is very difficult to get a top view of the whole window.
This is the best shot I could make.
Can't wait till it's finished!

I had to turn the plank with the window on it around to be able to reach the other end of the panel.
My glass room is great but like I said also a bit small. But I'll manage. I'm not complaining. It's great I don't have to work in the cold garage or something.

The last part will not be easy. Also I have not decided on the colours and what glass to use yet.
At the FOKA shop I bought a very nice blue glass with fine white stripes in it. I might use that.
Also a bevel (or bevels) is something I have thought of using in the top part of the window but that might be just a little to much. 
We'll see how things develope and I hope to finish this window within the next 2 weeks.

Making the centre piece.

As the Flower turned out not to bad this gave me some confidence to fit and solder the pieces of glass surrounding it.
In the first photo you can see the copperfoil on the sides that touch the Flower. These are the sides that will be soldered.

This is how it looks.
The egdes are still a bit rough and need grinding but I love the blue and red together.

Here you can see why this is called 'water glass'.

Here is the piece fitted in the window.
The soldering is not finished yet and looks very shiny and light compared to the lead strips.
This will all be solved when the rest of the window is soldered and cleaned up.

How I would love to have a light behind the window so I can show you the colours as they really are.
Be patient Marian !  :-)

zaterdag 15 mei 2010

Fitting in the Tiffany piece.

I'm very glad to have changed the design so it will be one window instead of two identical ones.
In the FOKA shop I found beautiful flaming red and yellow glass which will be fitted all around the edge with bright red squares in the corners.
The bottom part is completely finished now and I have made good progress today with the centre part. This is the part where the Tiffany flower (some people say it looks like a butterfly) will be fitted.
The rectangular pieces and the strips are easy to do so that went really well.

I forgot to say that at the bottom and at the top of the centre part a steel-lead strip is used to make the window more stable.
The surrounding lead strips are regular 6 mm strips as the window will be placed in a frame in the door.

In the photo's these rectangular pieces look like they are of a green colour but that is a distortion because of the green paper underneath it. It is all yellow waterglass like used in the centre of the window.

To solder the Tiffany piece together with the other pieces of glass it must be a tight fit so that will take some time to get it right, but it will be very nice to combine the lead strips with the Tiffany technique.
The straight lines surrounding the "Flower" will be lead strips and that part of the surrounding glass that touches the "Flower" will get a copperfoil pasted on it so to solder it tight to the Flower.
I have tried this once before in another panel and I like this combination of the lead strips and the finer lines you get with the Tiffany technique.

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dinsdag 4 mei 2010

New design of the livingroom door window.

This is the window for the livingroom door in the making.
I decided to make it one window in stead of two. This will look good too:
The original design is the centre of the window and all around I already have cut the yellow waterglass like used in the centre panel.
This photo gives you some idea of what it will look like.

The glass is not cut in the right meassures yet so they overlap at some parts. That will look better later.
Also because of the green paper underneath the glass it looks a bit green but it is the yellow like the inside.
Around it I would like to make an edge of a different colour brown glass with yellow flames and something different in the corners.
I'll be going to the FOKA shop in St.Oedenrode for supplies and glass this Saturday. I hope I can find glass with a sparkling colour there.

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maandag 3 mei 2010

Bathroom door finished.

You might remember my first large window, the one I made for the bathroom door.
The window was finished but the door and the little hallway it is in needed a lick of paint!
Well, that's almost done and I did not want to wait until yet another door is painted before I show you the result.