maandag 29 oktober 2012

New life, regeneration, growth, strength and peace.

Found inspiration in a picture I saw on a site of a Maori symbols and specially liked the KORU symbol. This is the website: : The Maori Koru design is scroll/ spiral shaped and is derived from the frond of the New Zealand fern plant. 'Koru' is the Maori word for the new unfurling fern frond. The pattern is used in many Maori and New Zealand art forms and symbolizes 

new life, regeneration, growth, strength and peace. 

For many this design is the symbol for renewal, hope for the future. Because everything continues and is reborn. Or as the ancient Greeks said: 'Panta Rhei': everything flows.

My life going as it does I can relate to these wise words. 

Hope you like the panel I made.

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  1. Yes, I do! I so relate to you and your Maori symbol - perfect for our regeneration period. Loved seeing you again. You really brightened my day. HUGS