zondag 13 juni 2010

Almost there...

Very exiting seeing the panel without the distracting green paper behind it.
It looks great. I'm very pleased with the result so far.
One side is soldered here and I have flipped it to start on the other side so this side is still 'clean'.
As this window will be placed in a door there is no front or back but I tried to make sure the glass surface is the same on one side as the waterglass I have used has a bumpy side and a more flat side.

Soldering was, as I found in the other window, difficult at first to get the hang of it again and I have had some melt down accidents ! I don't mind, I was able to repair them and the joints will not be what you see best looking at the window but it will be the glass, so making a few soldering mistakes is ok.
I've counted the joints and there are 224 joints to be soldered together, on each side that is!
Tomorrow I'll apply the paste as I explained in my last blog, and let the window rest for a day.
When it's all finished and cleaned up, I'll make a photo and post this in my next post.

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