donderdag 2 september 2010

Some Tiffany panels.

While I'm working out what next stained glass window to make, I have been making a few gifts for family and friends. They are made with the Tiffany technique which I really like to use, especially for the more 'delicate' designs. 
There is still a lot to learn and techniques to master, but I learn something new with every panel I make and get more experienced in the soldering for instance.

The three panels below maybe look alike but are very different at the same time.
The one on the left was my first flower and has no real frame around it. The leaves should look different too. Let's call that 'the artists previledge'  (..)
The second one in the middle, a rose, has a lead frame around it. The same lead strips I use for the stained glass panels. You might say that this makes it look more complete.
The one on the right is slightly bigger, with the glass frame around it. 
A tulip again, great leaves this time :-) and some sunshine added.
Giving the design a frame in a different colour and letting some parts of the design as it were 'on top' of the frame and of each other, this gives the panel more depth. 
The two little hooks I made from tinned wire. and soldered them on to the frame.
(Don't forget you can click on the picture to enlarge it.)