zondag 11 april 2010

The Tiffany Flower.

The centre piece is finished. This is different from the other window. 
The design of the flower is the same but in this panel the flower is made with the Tiffany technique.
I tried this before and liked it so much I wanted to try it again.
A few posts ago: the last one of March, I placed a photo of the whole design. Take a look there and you can see where this object is going to be.
There will be a better photo in the next blog entry.

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maandag 5 april 2010

First frame finished !

This week I didn't manage to get any work done worth mentioning on the window but I made time for it this morning and here is the result.
Finally the first frame is finished. This a third of the whole window.
The top of this frame is a lead strip with a steel core to make the window strong.
I noticed in the photo that some lead strips do not go in a straight line. That will all be fixed when the joints are soldered.

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