zaterdag 20 februari 2010

The beginning.

Always difficult to start a new window I think. Not that I have that much experience, but making a start, trying to decide where the leadstrips go as I find that very important as this can make all the difference how the end result looks.

Here are the first photo's. 

I decided to use for the bottom and sides the brown colour. Not sure about the top. I'll decide when I get there :-)
The type of glass I will mostly use for these windows is so called water glass. 

The next project: the door to the living room.

After the panel for Marianne I have started making the first of two windows for the livingroom door.
To recap here is the design.
The plan is to make two of these windows and place them side by side in the door.

Trying to work out what colours to use I made a very simple light box so I'm able to see how the different colours go together.
This time it was not that difficult to choose because I wanted to use the same design and colour scheme as the other window.

This is the light box: just a shoe box, a plastic lid and a desk lamp.