woensdag 27 januari 2010

Marianne's panel

This is a panel I made for my dear friend and colleague Marianne for her 60th birthday.
I designed this myself and that took some effort!
Maybe I should explain a few things?
A big M is prominent with one point in the sun.
The sunbeams shine through the letters which are the first letters of her husband Piet, their daughter Annemarie, son-in-law Jan and their son Daan who is just 1 year old and is the apple of Marianne's eye.
The P and A are in the same sunbeam and both blue for they are father and daughter with blue being Marianne's colour.

I used both techniques: Tiffany for the letters and surrounding pieces, and lead strips to make the letter M.
First time I used them both in the same panel, and very nice to do. It won't be the last time.
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