zondag 21 maart 2010

Keeping the middle line in the middle :-)

What did I say in my last entry: the rest is a piece of cake???
I was wrong there, as this part has other "obstacles" to get passed.
Never mind, I still enjoy a challenge.

This is how far I am now.

Not bad for a mornings work, well ... 2,5 hours actually.

The problem is keeping the middle right in the middle :-)  which must sound very clear, but sometimes is difficult to achieve.

I thought the lead around the leaf should have an upward line. It turned out good.
Changing the design as I go along is maybe not the way I should work but I did not think of a few things when I choose this design.
Working my way up I find it is so important the way the lead strips are used. You can change the whole look of a panel by making the wrong choice.

For example: (in the photo below ) I intended to make the V shape like it is layed out on the left side: one strip. But making the leaf on the right and letting the leadstrip go all the way up, makes it more fluent I think and I like this better.
There has to be a horizontal line at the top of this section as this will be a leadstrip with a steel core to make the window stable. There will be two lead-steel strips in this window.

This is a view of the whole project.

dinsdag 16 maart 2010

Bottom part finished.

The bottom part is finished. 
The leadstrips in the middle are cut so now there is a horizontal line in this part of the window too.
I left the ones that go up to the upper two leaves so not to interupt the curve as I like the way the lines of the lead strips curve their way upward.
Except for the two leaves, the next part will be a lot easier.... I hope.

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zondag 14 maart 2010

This is difficult !

Finally I  managed to get some work done on my first of a set of 2 identical windows.
Here are some photo's on the progress made so far.

I'm trying to make the lines as flowing as possible. Using the Tiffany technique was an option, but I'll be using that a little further up. 
Basically I'm deciding on things as I go along. Some would say that is not the way to work but ... it's a window to be used in our own home. If it would be for someone else I would have to keep an eye on the original design.

In the brown glass you can see the structure of the 'water glass' very well.
It is important (I think) to keep the lines in which the pattern goes in the same direction in every piece.
Except the leaves, there I try to make the lines go as they would in the leaf.

The diamond shape, which is blood red,  and some other pieces yet to be used , are the only pieces that are not cut from water glass.

I'll be glad when this part is over. I have learned from this and will use that knowledge while making the second window.

Next photo is a close up. For the top half of the diamond shape piece I used one strip of lead and clipped and cut it so I could fold it over the diamond shape. 
Looks much better this way than using 2 different strips.
I tried that in the bathroom door window and liked the result so I thought to try it here too.

I'll be trying to get this whole part up until the first horizontal lines finished today.
The rest looks like a piece of cake ;-)