vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

The window is placed in the door.

This is the end result.
And it looks great. I'm ever so pleased with it.
Great work by the carpenter to make the window fit perfectly in the door.

Next the door has to be painted so that will look different. Check this blog in a while and I hope you will find new photo's of the completely finished door!

woensdag 14 oktober 2009

This is it.

Finally, the pasting is done and I have cleaned it up.
It is made to be placed in the bathroom door but here it looks good for the photo.

maandag 12 oktober 2009

Applying the paste

Like I said, now its time for the fun bit. The application of the paste: this paste will, once it has dried, hold the glass firmly in the lead strips and is necessary because the window will be placed in a door so the window has to be strong.

It is important you rub the paste between the glass and the lead strips well with a brush.
After you have done that (one side at the time) you press the sides of the lead strips down on to the glass.
The excess paste will come out and you can remove that later.
When all sides are pressed down you can clean the window with some cloth.
Then turn the window. You will see that in some places the paste has been pressed through to the other side.
Now repeat the brushing in of the paste and pressing the lead strips.
Clean this side and check the other side and it's finished. The paste has to harden and then this part is finished.

Next and last thing to do before we place the window in the door, is apply a chemical called 'patina' which makes the lead strips very dark, almost black.

Here are some photo's of the application of  the paste.

A view through the window

Ok, the soldering is done. Now before the fun bit which is applying of the paste, here are a few photo's of how the window looks now.

The soldering

Monique has seen the window and has given me a few usefull tips. On the work yet to be done on this window but also on design of the other window.
It was scary at first to start soldering but gradually you get the feel of the melting of the tin and apart from a few minor accidents it went well I think.
Here are some pictures.
The face protection is against the fumes that come from the hot tin mixed with soldering fat :-)

zaterdag 3 oktober 2009

A new project.

Waiting for Monique to give her opinion on the bathroom window, I am going to make a start on the 2 windows that are supposed to go in the door to the living room.
The design is somewhat the same as the finished window but the size is different and so the design will look different.
I have learned much from making the bathroom window and will try to use that knowledge and not make the same mistakes again.
I promise :-)

Here is a photo of the drawing before I had started cutting the pieces out.